New Age Drifter

Released Nov 7 2016 Pixie Power Records

12 Track Album Digital and Physical format.

CD - Comes in a glossy 4 panel eco friendly digi file and shrink wrapped.

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1) Standard New Age Drifter CD - shrink wrapped 4 panel eco friendly digi file  

2) Pixie Bundle Special - includes a personalised signed copy plus two free pixie badges of your choice. Please leave your name to be included in a personal message and your choice of badges below. (See badges numbers in pic right).

Follow a visual album map which features beautiful paintings and illustrations by Debbie Attwell, and listen to each song while reading the lyrics.

Just A Glimmer

Debut Album Released in 2010 dpulse recordings and RoseRed Music

Winner of Debut Album of the year at The Fatea Magazine Awards.

12 Track album - Digital and Physical format.

Only a few physical copies left. Buy a signed CD copy from me using the paypal form below. Leave your name if you want it included. Each CD comes with an 8 page booklet with pictures and full song lyrics. ^_^ You can also buy a CD from me at live gigs if you prefer.

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“A finely crafted acoustic pop album with an absolutely delightful dreamy vocal...” “an album to set the spirit soaring, uplifting and imaginative” - Fatea Magazine