Chinese Burns Nominated For Three Maverick Movie Awards

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Fantastic news! Chinese Burns’ which features my song ‘End Of The Line’ has been nominated in three categories at the Maverick Movie Awards. Lara Lemon has been nominated as Best Actress, Julian Lamoral-Roberts as Best actor and the script for Best Screenplay. Well done to all! 

The Maverick Movie Awards was founded by moviemakers who have been through the glorious highs and crushing lows of the international film festival circuit; from these shared experiences came the calling to create a real alternative to the nepotism, politics, and commercialism that defines far too many festivals and competitions.Their goal is to help talented moviemakers achieve the recognition they deserve by awarding movies with unique style, exceptional craft, and the power to communicate.

Chinese Burns’ will also be premiering at the prestigious ‘Marbella Film Festival’ in October.